Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Plans

If you work in New York theater, you're probably qualified to work in the circus.  Why?  Because you must have mastered the art of juggling.  Your schedule involves multiple colored balls up in the air, rising and falling at a rate that would make a normal human being dizzy.  Part of this is out of necessity.  First, you need to juggle multiple jobs to pay your rent, but later, as you become more successful, that success is based upon the fact that you can handle well, everything at once.  Sometimes though, as a juggler, it's easy to over-commit yourself.  We've all been stretched a litttttle to thin from time to time and were unable to give our full focus to one thing or another.
So, in the interest of my health, sanity, and the value of all my future projects, I am resolving to NOT over extend myself this year.  Part of this means that I should have time to write two blog posts a week.  Think I can do it?  Check back every Tuesday and Friday to see if I'm keeping up with my resolution to keep my schedule open! 

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