Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friends with Benefits?

<--Not that kind.  I'm talking about the friend turned business partner/investor/collaborator, etc.  When is it ok to work with your friends? 

Chances are, you've worked with friends before.  In our business, the people you work with often become your friends.  These friends, you can usually always work with because the relationship was established first as one of business, and later that of friendship.  However, the friend first, business second relationship can be a tenuous one, so it's important to pick your "bedfellows" carefully.

There's no clear way to determine who you work well with, but there are definitely some indicators to help you decide who to work with, who to approach with investments, and whose creative eye to consult.

1. So that friend from college you met in a chugging contest on the bar at McFaddens.... yea, probably not your best business partner, but you knew that.

2. Can you plan a trip with this person and NOT get frustrated?  Snag them fast, you work well together!

3. If you've slept with them they're out of the running.  Also, think twice about someone you've made out with while drunk.

4. Your friend who's desperate for a job/ desperately broke... not a good match.

5. A friend with a waaaaaay better job/ financial situation than you, also not a good match.

6. A friend you admire for their work ethic/creativity/drive, go for it.

7. If you've successfully lived with someone in the past (roomate status, not an ex), and are no longer living with this person, you can consider working with them. 

8. Do NOT try collaborating with someone you live with now, unless you are both saintly, you'll probably get sick of each other.

9. It's ok to ask your trust fund friends to invest in your show, IF they are interested in the material and you know you can deliver a quality product.  Squandering their money on an iffy project will screw you in the long run.  Trust fund kids tend to be connected ;)

10.  Finally, if you are going to work with a friend, be sure that you both clearly lay out your expectations, goals, and plans.   If things don't work out, at least you'll have paper proof of whose fault it is :) j/k

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